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Gain camaraderie & deep connections w/ pro coaches.

There’s never been more opportunity for coaches to create waves of world-changing impact — not only for your clients, but in your life too.

Yet, real impact is the key. There are too many surface-level coaching programs in existence today. And, sadly enough, some coaches are in it for the wrong reasons.

But, real coaches know why we coach. We are in it for the outcomes. We’re in it for the journey. We’re in it for the people we impact. And, we’re in it for our growth too.

The path to coaching mastery is not easy, but it is worth your time & commitment.

As in martial arts, the Grandmaster earns their title through decades of disciplined study, training, and challenges they've overcome. The more they test their existing strengths, seek knowledge, and refine their skills, the wiser they become.

True masters know that learning and growth never really end. That’s why I created Top Coach

Inside, we’re each on our own path, but we come together as a powerful collaborative — helping each other grow faster, while enjoying the journey so much more!

If you’re ready to be a Top Coach, our Club was made for you.


"Using our collective expertise to help solve problems... for our clients and our coaching practices."

Julia Toothacre, Ride the Tide Collective

Our T.O.P. Goals


You should choose how much time you want to dedicate to your business, and you should feel great about your balance of both your personal & work time.


When we have our Time and Pay in order, we can create greater outcomes for our clients, for our lives, and for those we impact, while enjoying our journey.


You should earn the pay you're worth. Many coaches give much more value than they get paid. Let's fix that. Keep delivering tons of value, but value yourself more too.

why join us?

We are here for you. Yes, you. Individually, you. From promising you coaches to master coaches, who like to have fun learning and growing together.

We grow best when we break out of our bubbles, challenge our current thinking, and practice what we preach. We know that coaches need coaches.

When coaches grow, our 🌊 Wave of Impact grows too!


"It's difficult to read your own label when you're inside your own jar."

Benjamin Yeh, Boom Vision

Coaches Need Coaches

The Club is full of professional coaches. It's not just a hobby or side-gig for most of us, instead it's our full-time passion.

I created Top Coach as coaches need a place to grow — where we can get real-time help for each day of our journey.

As an executive coach myself, I don't have all the answers. Although I work hard on my coaching skills and the work I do with my clients, I'm so much better in community with coaches.

Coaches typically fall into one of two camps — coaches who do it on their own and coaches who team up with organizations.

The downside of some organizations and even some solo coaches is the idea of 'purity' towards their concepts and methods. I stay true to the methods that work for my clients, but no one system or method is a complete answer for every client.

The way I help my clients best is by surrounding myself with other incredible coaches. If I don't have the answer or know what to do next, I have a group of peers to chat with on the fly.

That's where the Top Coach Club comes in. We each break out of our bubbles. It doesn't mean we don't follow our coaching methods. Instead, it means we're open to challenging ourselves and to grow.

For us to become masterful in our coaching, we must come together to continually learn, test, and iterate on our best thinking.

We invest the time into ourselves and others. As we do, we not only foster our growth, coaches around us grow, and our clients grow. That's a lot of growth.

We like to call it our 🌊 Wave of Impact!

Who is Top Coach for?

Our members are serious professional coaches.

From promising young coaches to master coaches.

We come from various backgrounds, methods & approaches.

Some have built their own coaching systems.

Others are part of coaching organizations.

By joining Top Coach, you elevate your growth.

You must be ready to grow both personally & professionally.

You will not only get a ton of value, you'll also give of your time & wisdom.

You will lead the way in your respective practice or organization.

A few organizations & types of coaches that grow stronger in Top Coach:

Solo practitioners who've built their own coaching methods and practices + coaches from varied coaching groups, methods, and organizations:


Business Made Simple

C12 Chairs

CEO Global Network


Empire OS


Entreleadership Elite

EOS Implementers


Everything DiSC®


Focal Point

Scaling Up




Kolbe Certified


OKR Coaches

Pinnacle Guides

Predictive Index

Robbins Madanes

Sales Xcelerator

Solo / Group Practices

Strategic Coach

Strengths Finders

System & Soul

Table Group

Value Builder

Vistage Chairs

and more...


"I've been able to make more traction towards my goals and really grow my business substantially."

Julie DeLucca-Collins, GoConfidently

How Top Coach Works

Connect & Collaborate with Peers

Gather with Peer Coaches

You gain real-time access to professional peer coaches. Our members span experience levels from newer promising coaches to master coaches who are at the top of their game.

In our community spaces, we foster discussions, give and get help, share knowledge, teach each other, & explore collaborations.

The power of our shared knowledge being instantly accessible to each other is core to the foundation of our Club.

Experiment & Grow Your Practice

Grow As You Go

As coaches, it's absolutely imperative we walk the walk if we're going to talk the talk. We must be intentional about our own growth.

In our Pro spaces, we share monthly goals and weekly 1-things, we support each other via our Growth Forum, we share helpful resources, and we setup experiments and share our results.

We don't just learn from our own experiences. Instead, we gain the knowledge of our peers efforts as well. This creates an environment which speeds up your growth and expands your impact.

Benefit from Deeper Level Connections

Your Private Rooms

Your Rooms in Top Coach are specific to you.

If you've opted in to join a weekly Crew, you'll have your private Crew space for discussion among your Crew between meetings. We also have a Pro level membership, which gives you access to Pro Chat and more.

Our Rooms are designed to help you become more accountable, to go deeper in your connections, and to gain more value from Top Coach.

Become a Partner of the Club

Benefits & More in the Hub

The Hub is the home of everything else that's important to your Top Coach membership. First, you can share suggestions to help shape and improve Top Coach.

You can become a Referral Partner to invite great coaches to join us in the Club, as we prefer to grow through our members' referrals.

You'll learn about various Tools & Affiliate programs. We share info on how you and your clients can benefit from each Tool we discuss.

Top Coach is Focused on You

Your T.O.P. Goals

Every coach can grow in Top Coach!

We've built our free public community and our private Top Coach Pro spaces to help coaches on any stage of their journey. We'll share more about becoming a T.O.P. Coach once you've joined!

Pro members are provided a goal achieving Roadmap.


"I've created really genuine relationships. People that I look forward to meeting with daily as we hold each other accountable."

Kyle Johann-Baker, Johann-Baker Coaching

Choose your membership

You're welcome to upgrade to Pro anytime.

😎 Core Membership

Our standard free Club membership

Free Public Membership

If TC is for you, Core is just $0 / month. You didn't read that wrong. We just ask that you follow our Member Guidelines

Coach Discussions

New Coach Support

Shared Knowledge Bar

Helpful Resources & Tools

Showcase What You Do

Earn in Refer-a-Coach

♦️ Pro Membership

For coaches who are ready to level up

$77 / month

If TC is for you, Pro is just $77 /month or get 2 free months when you join on an annual membership

Everything in Core, plus...

Weekly Coffee & Coaches Meetup

Monthly Coach Growth Forum

Monthly Coach Office Hours

Private Pro Chat Room

Peer Help & Feedback

Personal Roadmap

Learn from Experiments

Connect & Collaborate

Accountability Crews

Priority Feedback & Support

Exclusive ♦️ Pro Member Badge

Join for free or consider Pro...

Pro Membership is Guaranteed

You have 30 days to take advantage of all Top Coach offers. If you decide it's not a fit, simply cancel within your first 30 days.

Cover Your Pro Membership

We prefer to grow through member referrals. So, we reward our Coaches via our powerful Refer-a-Coach Program.


Our members are the 💛 of our Top Coach Club.

About Zack Swire

I love turning world-changing ideas into reality.

My entrepreneurial journey led me to become a coach. In the early days of my marketing consultancy and volunteer work at various nonprofits, I found myself naturally coaching anywhere I could. Yet, I didn't have a system or method for my coaching. I just enjoyed helping people. I did it for free.

So, when I came to a crossroads in 2018, I decided to take my passion and turn it into my full time profession.

At first, I joined a coaching group where I met a lot of incredible people, whom I still call friends today. Later, when that group went a different direction, I decided to launch my coaching program, Top Teams. At that point, I was on my own. I didn't have a community of peers. I didn't have any support. So, I gathered a few coach friends together... that was the start of Top Coach.

Today, I'm committed to every member of our Club — to make Top Coach the place for professional coaches to grow. I also share about my journey and provide insights and personal 'secrets' I've learned along the way.

a lil' more about me...

Family Man

My faith and family come first. Husband to my wife, Gwen, of over 20 years; we're parents of teenage triplets.

Coach & Founder

I'm an active executive coach working with no more than 5 select executive teams a year via my firm, Top Teams.

5x Entrepreneur

Built 5 companies from the ground up — a marketing firm, a social-good tech startup, Kicks on 66, and a cereal company.

My work motto is one and the same as our family motto — Et Manu 🤲, Et Corde 💚 — which means 'both with hand and heart'.


Hey! You're still here...

"But, what if I'm short on time?"

We're busy. All of us. But... we manage our time with intention.

The Club is built specifically to help you: save time, increase outcomes, and improve your pay.

You'll get out of Top Coach what you put into it!

You can benefit from the community spaces to get feedback, ask for help when you're stuck, find inspiration, and enjoy the time and camaraderie of your fellow Top Coaches. Pro Members love attending our weekly Coffee & Coaches, Office Hours, and their own personal Crew meetings, when they're ready for serious accountability and growth!

You decide how much time to spend with us in the Club.

It's our goal to maximize the time and enjoy it together.

Some parting thoughts from one of our founding members...


Ready to grow?

Any questions? Hit me up on chat 👉